Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Life

Some Dogs Are More Energenic

Some Dogs Are More Energenic

By Tim Smith

Thinking about getting a dog? Adopting a canine companion is a big decision, especially for those of us who live in an apartment and are worried about a lack of outdoor space — or just space in general. Not to worry, though: we’ve compiled this list of the best dog breeds suited for apartment life.


If you live in a modern apartment, you probably have some pretty thick walls. Go ahead and adopt that chihuahua. You can even splurge on a miniature breed if you can spare the change. These breeds are a bit rambunctious, but they still appreciate small areas. They receive enough exercise in an apartment just running around. Chihuahuas can be leashed and taken out, but they usually prefer the arms of their owner.


The pug is a natural napper, making this breed well-suited to apartment living. Is that snoring you hear? Although they have a few quirks, they are relatively quiet and become lap dogs when you sit down to watch television at night. They love walks, but they won’t miss a backyard. Pugs are content sitting at your feet or laying beside you for some cuddling time.

Chinese Crested

If you want a dog that makes people look twice, go for a Chinese crested breed. With a furry head and sleek body, these breeds do require some grooming to keep their crested decoration in control. However, Chinese crested do have unusual colors and markings to make every dog a unique addition to the home. Keep their attitude in check by showing them who is master, but otherwise they are a quiet and happy apartment-dwelling dog.


As a furry breed, Pekingese are some of the best lap dogs around. Their adorable facial expressions put smiles on everyone’s faces. Take a good look at their eyes to see their personality shine through. As an apartment dog, they love the warm space because it brings them closer to their masters. There is a considerable amount of grooming and possible veterinary bills from congestion and coughs, however, with this breed.

Scottish Terrier

If you’ve ever played original Monopoly, you know what a Scottish Terrier looks like from the game pieces. This regal breed is perfect for the apartment because of their size. Older dogs will lay about and play calmly with children, whereas young pups tend to bounce around with some energy. Simply take them on periodic walks to get the wiggles out of these sweet dogs.

West Highland Terrier

When you want the quintessential terrier dog in your apartment, the West Highland breed is perfectly suited to that ideal. Perky ears and inquisitive eyes make this breed friendly to both children and senior owners alike. Train them early to keep their barking and attitude under control for a perfect apartment breed.

Even if you pick the perfect breed on paper, always spend some time with the dog before adopting it. Every animal adoption center has some space to frolic with the dog, so take advantage of it to really pick the perfect family addition. Your new pet and family will get along in a small space with the right preparation.

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1099 -C After Bankruptcy Discharge

You received a 1099 after Bankruptcy Discharge: Now What?
March 28, 2014
By:  Steven P. Taylor, Law Office of Steven P, Taylor, PC

This time of year I will get a large amount of calls from Imagemy bankruptcy clients regarding 1099s and wanting to know if they will owe taxes as a result.  The answer is probably not, but maybe.  Generally, you can potentially receive either a 1099-A or a 1099-C from a creditor after you receive a bankruptcy discharge.  You should not receive a 1099-C, which is a cancellation of debt return.  You should not, but you might anyway.

What is a 1099-A:  Relating to the acquisition of property by a lender,  Form 1099-A DOES NOT mean you have cancellation of debt (“COD”) tax.   Say the bank bid their judgment at the sheriff sale and became the owner of your house, either before or after filing a bankruptcy,  you will receive a copy of a 1099-A.  Form 1099-A is a form the mortgage company is required to file to show that they acquired your property.  It’s what the IRS calls an informational return–it just gives information to the IRS.  It tells the IRS the principal outstanding on the loan and the amount (presumptively the fair market value) for which the lender acquired the property back (in partial or whole satisfaction of the debt that was owed).    Again, all it means is that the part or all of the debt has been satisfied with the acquisition of property.

Tax Treatment:  The amount for which the lender acquired the property back is treated as a sale.   The 1099-A can potentially lead to capital gains tax.  For example, Debtor has rental property that has a basis of $50,000.00.  Debtor lets the property go in a bankruptcy , get a discharge and receives a 1099-A asserting FMV of $100,000 and debt of $150,000.  The excess of the debt over the FMV is cancellation of debt income that will be reflected in a 1099-C down the road probably (see below).  The sale of the property for $100,000 realizes a gain over the basis ($50,000) of $50,000 which is taxable.  Note that if the property was the principal residence of the Debtor, the capital gain may not be taxable under  Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007. (Now expired effective 12/31/2013) or depending on the holding period ($250k/$500K)

What is a 1099-C:  The issuance of a Form 1099-C means that some amount of  debt has been cancelled and is taxable income unless excludible. So what do you do?  Well, IRS Regulations require you to report the cancellation of debt, whether or not it is ultimately taxable. To exclude the cancellation of debt income from taxable income, you must file IRS Form 982.  Will you owe tax?  Well, if the debt was:

1.   was discharged in bankruptcy; or

2.    was incurred to purchase, construct or substantially improve your principal residence. This is the result of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007. (Now expired effective 12/31/2013); or

3.  If you were “balance sheet insolvent” at the time of the cancelation of the debt. Balance sheet insolvent is very simple: If the value of your obligations is greater then the value of your assets (including IRAs) you are “balance sheet insolvent.”  The trick here is to create a paper trail so that when the IRS comes a-knocking on an audit a couple of years from now, you will be able to demonstrate that insolvency,

Then you will not owe any ordinary income tax liability.

Tax Treatment:  If you get a 1099-C and fail to include it in your tax return , the IRS may later write to you and say, hey, you owe us more $$$  because of the debt cancellation.    If you get that letter from the IRS, you need to write them back and say this debt was discharged in bankruptcy.  Send them a copy of your papers and  send  IRS Form 982.  Check the very first box, 1a.  Title 11 means “bankruptcy.”

Last Note:  My practice is limited to bankruptcy issues and the above information is general only (within my experience) and is not meant to constitute legal or tax advice appropriate for your situation. In addition, this information is subject to change and is not guaranteed accurate. Before you make a move with regard to these matters, visit the IRS website or contact your CPA for the latest 1099-C tax information and for help with your specific tax situation.
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Used Restaurant Equipment

Pro Restaurant Equipment

Pro Restaurant Equipment

Owning and managing a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is a tedious task and requires you to maintain a good balance between restaurant profitability and customer management. This requires careful planning and organizing. Every restaurant owner has the goal to run a successful restaurant with good customer satisfaction. In order to attain this, you require exceptional equipment for both front and back end of the restaurant. It is expected that every business owner would like to save money. They can use their money for further investment later. Sometimes saving money earlier will cost you later in the end. Buying used commercial restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale for your restaurant will save you money. In certain cases, buying used equipment to save some initial capital is the only way to go.

Tips on Buying used commercial restaurant equipment in Fort Lauderdale

You should try to avoid any equipment older than three years. You should ask about the life of equipment from the dealer you are buying. At a restaurant auction, it might be in use since the restaurant opened. There are about 30% of restaurants, which stop working within a year while about 60% of them fail within three years of opening, so it would be easy to find slightly used equipment. That is why we recommend Pro Restaurant Equipment. You need to ensure that the used commercial restaurant equipment dealer is trustworthy of his words about the equipment usage life.

Get top of the line brands
You cannot afford brand new equipment from top of the line brand, but you can buy used equipment easily. A top brand will be of high quality and will in most cases last longer.

Selecting Gas Cooking Equipment
Once you have ensured the working of the used commercial restaurant equipment through proper inspection you can save a few bucks in buying it. You must include the technical inspection cost in the total cost of equipment to analyze its cost-benefit. The appliance must use the right kind of gas. Looking at the tag on the equipment will help you determine its goals whether LP, or natural gas.

Getting the best quality used commercial restaurant equipment for your Fort Lauderdale Restaurant is not an easy task. Don’t take chances, contact Pro Restaurant Equipment now. They have been in the business long enough to understand what you need and the best product for you. Some of the top brand names they offer include: True, Turboair, Hoshizaki, Hobart, Bakers Pride, Beverage-Air, Royal, Imperial, Custom Cool and Marc.

Talking About Arbitration Mediation

David J. Valdini

David J. Valdini

An arbitration mediation with Valdini Mediation Services is required to be submitted by the parties involved, prior to filing an application. Arbitration mediation is in fact binding, meaning that the parties involved are bound legally to whatever the Arbitrator’s decision will be. The agreement mandates David J. Valdini Mediation Services and the party involved to submit disputes involving Valdini Mediation Services to arbitration that is based on the conditions and terms of the agreement made. Applicants submit an arbitration application to get the process underway, stating exactly why they are owed money by the other party or parties. Next, the responses are submitted to Valdini Mediation Services of the Respondent or Respondents. That response should detail precisely why no money is owed to the applicant. Also, a claim against the applicant may also be included in the Respondent’s response. This is identified as a counterclaim. Proof of evidence which supports their position is the right of the parties involved to be submitted. The claim will at that point be assigned to an arbitrator. When permitted by Valdini Mediation Services rules, parties can ask for a hearing by phone. Should the hearing be asked for, no decision will be reached until after the hearing by the arbitrator. Should no hearing be requested by those involved, the decision will be reached according to the application, response(s) and whatever evidence has been submitted to justify the positions taken.