Oct 24

Digital Frame VS Vintage Picture Frame

Vintage frame and digital frame are two different entities in terms of style, price and reliability. One can find many differences between the two in their ability to display a piece of artwork. One of the key differences between a digital picture frame and vintage picture frame is that, while digital picture ones require energy …

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Apr 01

Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Life

Some Dogs Are More Energenic

By Tim Smith Thinking about getting a dog? Adopting a canine companion is a big decision, especially for those of us who live in an apartment and are worried about a lack of outdoor space — or just space in general. Not to worry, though: we’ve compiled this list of the best dog breeds suited …

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Mar 30

1099 -C After Bankruptcy Discharge

You received a 1099 after Bankruptcy Discharge: Now What? March 28, 2014 By:  Steven P. Taylor, Law Office of Steven P, Taylor, PC This time of year I will get a large amount of calls from Imagemy bankruptcy clients regarding 1099s and wanting to know if they will owe taxes as a result.  The answer …

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